Why Choose Valia Lifestyle?

A distinctive approach to healthcare is what sets Valia Lifestyle apart from other providers. Our commitment to your well-being extends beyond traditional medical practice. Here’s why you should choose Valia Lifestyle as your partner in health.

Exceptional Team

Our team is the heart of our practice. Led by our founder, Dr. Ingrid Edshteyn, our professionals bring a wealth of experience, qualifications, and dedication to every aspect of your care. 

Dr. Edshteyn is a board-certified physician in Preventive, Lifestyle, and Obesity medicine who is passionate about helping you achieve your best health. With her background in clinical medicine and positive psychology, she creates a unique blend of knowledge and expertise that ensures you receive exceptional healthcare.

Everything we do at Valia Lifestyle is guided by her expertise and philosophy for optimal health.

Holistic Approach

At Valia Lifestyle, we understand that good health isn't just about the absence of disease but about maintaining an energizing balance in every aspect of your life. 

Our holistic approach fuses ancient wisdom with modern medical practices to provide a comprehensive understanding of health. We consider not just your physical well-being but also your mental health and lifestyle factors. This comprehensive view of health ensures that you receive well-rounded, personalized care.

Patient-Centric Care

At Valia Lifestyle, you’re not just a patient number. Our care solutions are built around you as a person with unique health needs. We believe in patient-centric care, where you are at the core of decisions and plans. Our compassionate environment ensures that you feel heard and cared for at every step.

Proactive Preventive Health Care

Prevention is at the center of what we do. We don't just react to health issues, we proactively identify and address them before they become serious problems. Our proactive approach means early diagnosis, prevention strategies, and well-rounded care that ensures you enjoy optimal health.

Integrated Services

At Valia Lifestyle, we've carefully curated an array of healthcare services, seamlessly intertwined to provide you with a comprehensive wellness experience. Our integrated services encompass Lifestyle & Functional Medicine, Ketamine Therapy, Medical Weight Loss, and Preventive Medicine, offering you a complete healthcare solution under one roof. This interconnected approach ensures that your health needs are met within a unified and convenient system, designed with your well-being in mind.

Contact Us

Our commitment to supporting you on your journey to well-being extends beyond typical healthcare, encompassing a diverse range of options for empowering the mind, body, and spirit.

To schedule a consultation, call Valia Lifestyle at 323-282-7280 or contact us online

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