Cardiometabolic Health Programs

At Valia Lifestyle, we employ the science of Cardiometabolic Health - a holistic approach to well-being that focuses on the connection between your cardiovascular health and metabolism.

In current times, a sea of fitness fads and wellness trends are recommended for their seemingly magical benefits. At Valia Lifestyle, we are passionate about the enduring benefits of personalized fitness training.

Our program transcends the ever-changing world of fitness fads to provide the most effective strategy for sustainable weight and body composition goals. We believe that a healthy fitness regimen that is both simple and complete can be identified and achieved.

Here are some key principles that form the foundation of fitness training and impact your weight and body composition.

1. Build Lean Body Mass for Healthy Metabolism

One of the timeless principles of fitness training is the ability to build and preserve lean body mass, which is vital for maintaining a healthy metabolism. A higher proportion of lean muscle mass means you burn more calories at rest, which can aid in weight management.

2. Transformative Results through Strength Training

Strength training isn't just for bodybuilders but is a powerful tool for everyone. Strength training has consistently demonstrated the ability to increase life expectancy. It empowers you to shed excess weight and build stronger, well-defined muscles. This approach offers sustainable results for cardiometabolic health that extend beyond fleeting trends.

3. Pair Nutrition with Fitness for Lasting Wellness

The wisdom of a balanced nutrition program and fitness training regimen is a timeless recipe for success. Our approach does not advocate extreme diets or exhausting workouts, it's about finding the right balance for you. This combination fuels your body with the energy you need to excel throughout the day while supporting your physical and mental well-being.

4. Role of Consistency in Fitness

The science of lasting fitness results highlights the significance of consistency. Working major muscle groups at least twice a week is a key practice for maintaining health and muscle strength, which is essential for healthy body composition.

Our Cardiometabolic Health Program

At Valia, we are committed to our core belief that a science-based training program has the power to create lasting change in your mind, body, and life. 

With Valia Lifestyle’s wellness program, you have a plan that helps you:

  • Improve Energy: Reduce fatigue and generate sustained vitality.
  • Get Strong: Build strength that empowers you both physically and mentally.
  • Look Lean: Achieve your desired body composition and appearance.
  • Feel Supercharged: Elevate your overall well-being to take on each day with renewed vigor.

Here’s what you can expect with our Cardiometabolic Health program:

Integrative Fitness Training Programming

A personalized strength and conditioning program that tailors every aspect of your fitness regimen to your needs. We work closely with you to develop a program that helps you achieve your goals efficiently and sustainably.

Cardio Training Guide

A comprehensive guide to cardio workouts that boost your cardiovascular health. It's not just about sweating it out, it's about improving your heart's resilience, enhancing your overall well-being, and achieving your fitness goals.

Clean & Lean Nutrition Plan

A nutrition plan designed to fuel your day with the energy you need while maintaining a fit physique. We understand that nutrition plays a pivotal role in your fitness journey, and our plan is designed to support you on your path to lasting wellness.

Active Recovery Program

We recognize the importance of recovery and mental well-being as integral parts of your fitness journey. Our unique active recovery program combines yoga and mindfulness practices to facilitate recovery, reduce stress, and enhance your mental wellness. It's a holistic approach to fitness that addresses your physical, mental, and emotional needs.

Access Cardiometabolic Health Programs in Los Angeles

At Valia Lifestyle, our integrated approach to wellness combines fitness training, nutrition planning, and mindfulness practices to provide you with a holistic solution for lasting health and vitality. 

Whether you're looking to boost your energy, get stronger, achieve a lean physique, or simply feel more charged every day, our programs are designed to make it all possible.

To schedule a consultation, call Valia Lifestyle at 323-282-7280 or contact us online.

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