Ketamine Therapy (KALM)

At Valia Lifestyle, our Ketamine Assisted Lifestyle Medicine (KALM) program recognizes that the origins of chronic illness, depression, and anxiety lie deep within us, like hidden roots in the soil. Underlying inflammation and imbalance caused by persistent stress or unresolved emotion can give rise to a web of interconnected symptoms.

Through our scientifically guided approach, ketamine treatment can foster greater flexibility in thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and help disrupt painful patterns that hold you back from overcoming illness.

Under the guidance of Dr. Ingrid, you’ll receive Functional Medicine guidance and lifestyle coaching to unlock profound insights for healing. 

What is ketamine?

Ketamine is a medication developed in the 1960s and approved by the FDA for use in surgical anesthesia.

In recent years, ketamine has shown promise as an off-label treatment for helping people with various mental health challenges. Ketamine has been used successfully in treating several health issues, including:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Alcoholism
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Other Psychiatric Diagnoses

At Valia Lifestyle, our Ketamine Assisted Lifestyle Medicine (KALM) program harnesses the potential of ketamine to facilitate a profound transformation in your mental and emotional well-being.

How does ketamine work?

Ketamine's unique properties as a dissociative anesthetic induce a sense of detachment between mind and body. It can distort perceptions of sight and sound, ushering you into an altered state of consciousness distinct from your ordinary reality. 

Ketamine helps your mind to relax while maintaining conscious awareness. This unique state allows for an interruption of repetitive thought patterns and negative emotions, offering your body a chance to rest and your mind a chance to explore healthier ways of thinking. 

But how does it work?

In scientific terms, ketamine works in multiple brain pathways, modifying the glutamate system in your brain and encouraging neuroplasticity. In animals, studies show that ketamine can help the brain grow new connections in just a few days and is believed to have similar effects on human beings.

Though individual experience varies greatly, it is generally thought that lower doses of ketamine can provide empathogen-like (heart-opening) responses. In comparison, higher doses can create a dissociative, psychedelic, out-of-body, ego-dissolving response. 

Many people who have experienced ketamine in a contained and nurturing environment report that the treatment leads to the ability to approach challenging or overwhelming thoughts and emotions from a more balanced and clear viewpoint.

How is ketamine administered?

At Valia Lifestyle, we offer various dosing strategies and routes of administration to tailor the experience to your specific needs. As part of our program, ketamine doses can be taken as sublingual (oral) dissolving lozenges or as intramuscular injections. 

We'll discuss the right path for you based on your preference, therapeutic goals, prior exposure to ketamine, body weight, and sensitivity. 

What is the KALM program?

Our ketamine Assisted Medicine (KALM) program utilizes ketamine treatment as a catalyst toward helping you move with trust and confidence toward your unique health goals. KALM is designed to help you:

  • Form healthy expectations and intentions ahead of your ketamine session(s)
  • Feel safe and supported during your ketamine journey
  • Integrate your experience by practicing thoughts and behaviors that encourage a healthier sense of self to take root 

With KALM, healthier living can be initiated with more ease and less struggle, and our team of compassionate professionals will guide you through every step of your transformative journey. 

Step 1: Arrive - Mapping Your Journey

Your journey begins with a warm welcome. Dr. Ingrid helps you map out your healing priorities in a comprehensive Lifestyle Medicine Consultation.

Step 2: Understand - Discovering Ketamine's Potential

Dr. Ingrid will provide a thorough review of the benefits and considerations of ketamine as part of your healing and growth journey. This step helps determine if ketamine treatment is the right fit for you.

Step 3: Evaluate - Nurturing Mind & Body

We will evaluate your biochemistry through lab analyses. You'll also delve into your patterns of thought and emotion with the help of our transformative lifestyle coach. This session helps create a holistic understanding of your path forward.

Step 4: Prepare - Setting Your Intentions

Begin your transformative journey with a one-on-one Preparation Coaching Session. This is where Dr. Ingrid and her team will support you in aligning with your intentions.

Step 5: Immerse - Your Ketamine Experience

It's time to immerse yourself in an in-person ketamine session. Guided by Dr. Ingrid, you'll access new pathways of awareness and gather new insights and ways of perceiving your life. 

Step 6: Interweave - Embracing Change

After your ketamine experience, you'll transition into the Integration period, where you'll leverage your brain’s neuroplasticity to form new patterns in thought and behavior. This step helps align your life with your intentions.

Step 7: Grow - Sustainable Transformation

The journey doesn't end after a single session. Dr. Ingrid and our team provide ongoing clinical guidance and holistic lifestyle coaching. This support anchors your growth and helps you cultivate a strong foundation for a thriving life.

Wellness Beyond KALM

At Valia Lifestyle, we understand that lasting, positive change is about addressing the underlying roots of your health condition. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Ingrid, our KALM program serves as the keystone of this transformation. 

The effectiveness of ketamine is enhanced when used as part of an overall treatment program. Ketamine treatment alone is not guaranteed to permanently alleviate your condition, but it can create lasting improvements that support your well-being.

Making the most of your ketamine treatment involves integrating the insights you gain during your treatment process into your daily life. These insights can lead to profound and lasting change, helping you overcome patterns of mind, mood, and behavior that have hindered your holistic functioning.

At Valia Lifestyle, we recognize that true wellness isn't one-dimensional. It's a mosaic of physical fitness, nutrition, and mental balance. Our comprehensive wellness solutions expand this perspective to ensure that your positive changes are not fleeting but enduring.

Expert Ketamine Therapy Services in Los Angeles

Valia Lifestyle’s ketamine therapy services bring you the future of holistic healing. Backed by science and compassion, our approach integrates ketamine treatment with comprehensive lifestyle changes, creating powerful, long-lasting transformation.

Break free from the confines of chronic illness, depression, and anxiety. Embrace a future filled with vitality and purpose, ensuring your well-being takes root and flourishes.

For appointments, please call Valia Lifestyle at 323-282-7280 or contact us online

Ketamine FAQs

When will I see the results of ketamine therapy?

One of the most remarkable aspects of ketamine is its rapid onset, often relieving symptoms within hours. After treatment, you can expect to feel its impact in as little as four hours after a single administration. After this initial treatment, it is likely to continue working effectively for more than a week.

What other benefits does ketamine have?

Other ketamine effects can include:

  • Better Sleep: Ketamine might help you get more and better-quality sleep, including a phase known as slow-wave sleep. This improved sleep is linked to ketamine’s ability to relieve depression.
  • Sharper Thinking: Some studies suggest that low doses of ketamine could boost your cognitive abilities.

How effective is ketamine?

Based on research trials, about 50% of people see an improvement in depression symptoms after a single dose and about 60% experience reduced depression severity with 6 sessions. 

When taken by mouth, ketamine shows about a 50% positive response rate for both depression and anxiety when used for 6 doses. Changes in depression symptoms can take 2 or more weeks. 

No significant side effects have been seen with ketamine’s oral use, even when taken in varying doses over several days. The appropriateness of ketamine therapy is an individualized decision factoring in medical history, medications, and current symptoms. Successful treatment relies upon proper preparation and integration support.

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